The New York Clinic Defense Task Force

We support NYC abortion providers by serving as clinic escorts, activists, and advocates for reproductive justice


Volunteer as a Clinic Escort

Put your body on the front line for abortion rights and show support for women seeking to access health care in the face of anti-abortion protesters and "sidewalk counselors" who seek to block their way or shame and harass them. 

Volunteer on Saturday mornings and greet women arriving at clinics and walk them past protestors while serving as a calm and supportive presence. 

Advocate for Abortion Access

Educate yourself about federal and state legislation and court cases that limit or could limit women's access to abortion care. Join in local activism and advocacy efforts to make your voice heard, especially to your elected officials. Work to elect legislators who will support abortion access for all.

Some resources:

Center for Reproductive Rights

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

The Indivisible Project (for connections to local advocacy efforts)

Support Abortion Funds

We must recognize that for many women in the U.S., abortion is already unaffordable and inaccessible. 

Support the National Network of Abortion Funds and similar organizations that help women put together the funding or other resources they need to exercise their right to abortion care. 


Volunteer clinic escorts are needed throughout NYC. Let us know if you want to volunteer or need more information.

New York Clinic Defense Task Force